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Change reception type for DVB-C2/T2 cards under Linux


Its possible, that a TV or streaming application the reception type not switch automatically (DVB-C to DVB-T) before tuning a channel, and you must manually change it before start the application.


To change it, install under Ubuntu the "dvb-tools" package:

sudo apt-get install dvb-tools


Now you can change the reception type by using the tool "dvb-fe-tool" on a console / terminal:

sudo /usr/bin/dvb-fe-tool —adapter=X --frontend=0 --set-delsys=DVBT


sudo /usr/bin/dvb-fe-tool —adapter=X --frontend=0 --set-delsys=DVBT2


To switch back to DVB-C:

sudo /usr/bin/dvb-fe-tool —adapter=X --frontend=0 --set-delsys=DVBC

(replacing X with number of adapter)


Note: Since our DVB-C/C2/T/T2 tuners can work either in DVB-C/C2 or DVB-T/T2 mode, you must change all adapters of a card to the corresponding reception type.

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