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Firmware Update with Static IP


It is possible to switch to a DHCP Server for updating the Octopuc NET to the latest Firmware, or set manual a DNS Server. In Static IP Mode the Octopus NET has no nameserver.

You can also set a temporaly DNS Server following:

  1. Go to Web Interface of the Octopus NET -> System Settings - Check the option "Enable Telnet"
  2. Use Putty (or anything else) and login to Octopus NET -> User: root
  3. Open the file resolv.conf in VI Editor with vi /etc/resolv.conf
  4. In VI Editor press the Key "a" on your keyboard to switch in edit mode
  5. Type in following nameserver (The nameserver is the google Nameserver, of course you can also enter your local nameserver or anyone else)
  6. Leave the Editmode in VI with ESC
  7. Close and save the VI Editor, type in :wq

Check now for updates, you should get now the latest Version. Afterr a reboot the made settings in resolv.conf are lost, you must enter these again.




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