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Configuration of C-Band and KU Band and the differences


Between Ku and C Band the LOF you must setup are different. LOF stands for Local Oscillator Frequency and is given in MHz or GHz.


A satellite signal has a high frequency when they arrive on Earth and the LNB of your satellite antenna. In the LNB, the signals experience amplification, filtering and conversion of the received frequency to a lower one. Because if you would transmit the signals with the high frequency over a normal coaxial cable, they would be useless after a few meters (2 to 3 meters).

To avoid this problem, a separate and lower frequency (LOF) is generated in the LNB, which will send over the coaxial cable.

Depending on the LNB and received frequency range, the frequency at the output of the LNB can be calculated differently:


In Ku band:
Working frequency for the receiver = carrier frequency of the satellite transponder – LOF

In the C band:
Working frequency for the receiver = LOF - carrier frequency of the satellite transponder


The basic frequency for Ku Band LNBs are:

LOF Low (For Lowband) = 9750 MHz
LOF High (For Highband) = 10600 MHz
LOF Switch: 11700 MHz


The basic frequency for C Band LNBs are:

LOF Low (For Lowband) = 5150 MHz 
(LOF High (For Highband) = 5150 MHz 
LOF Switch: 5150 MHz

(A C-Band LNB has no High and Low Band and also no Switch between those both bands, so enter overall the Low Band frequency)

The most programs and software have settings for C-Band and Ku-Band. If you must enter the LOF directly, you can use the values above. For Max Series cards use the V/L and H/L inputs together with the settings above in your software. If your C-Band satellite use a circular (L-R) polarization instead of linear (V-H), then use for:

R = V/L 
L = H/L 


For Octopus NET with Max S8 and SX8 cards you must set different settings. Following the next picture for the LNB configuration:​

For Ku-Band LNBs leave all to standard.


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